ZMANIM offers an opportunity (for children) to gather WEEKLY with


Who?  Massei ZMANIM (Journeys with ZMANIM) is for children ages 5-11 to gather once a week for 1-1/2 hours during the academic year.  In addition to the weekly gatherings, there will be several largely subsidized Sunday gatherings for the children AND their family, and an end-of-the-year gathering for all the families as well. 

For the Massei ZMANIM experience to be successful, providing a deep Jewish education and a meaningful connection to community, our traditions, and the natural world, it needs more than 1-1/2 hours at a weekly drop-off program. To that end, there is the expectation that each household will participate in at least 3-Zmanim Shabbat gatherings (Friday or Saturday), 2-Together b'Teva Sunday gatherings, and 1-holiday gathering over the course of the year. We look forward to deepening your and your child's connection to Judaism!

What? Massei ZMANIM (Journeys with ZMANIM) brings Judaism and the outdoors together in a holistic, experiential way that includes learning about Jewish tradition, practices, rhythms, and of course Hebrew.

Massei ZMANIM (Journeys with ZMANIM) is an opportunity for your child to integrate her/his connection with living, together with the powerful depth and riches whose roots lay in Jewish experience and tradition.  Massei ZMANIM centers around a constructivist approach to Jewish identity building, in which your child will be supported in personal meaning-making of Judaism "from the inside-out" instead of the "top down." Your child will engage in exploration, play, song, an embodied connection to the Hebrew language, and other modalities, as she/he encounters the wonders of the world and being alive.  He/She will learn both traditional and newer Jewish responses to these experiences as well as have the opportunity to formulate her/his own response from the building blocks he/she will be gaining.

Why? Why is such an explicit framework necessary? Unfortunately too many people have the experience of coming into Jewish settings and not having a sense of how their experience in the world has much of anything to do with the rituals they may be encouraged to do, or the words that they may be encouraged to say.  Massei ZMANIM (Journeys with ZMANIM) came out of a request by parents to support them and their children on a more regular basis in this way.  As a ZMANIM program, it provides a vastly different way to grow and experience life.

When? Beginning the first week of September, participants will come once a week on ONE of the following days & times, with some adjustments for holidays, of course. In addition, there will be a whole family work day on Sun. 8/28 or over Labor Day Weekend. Stay tuned for information, and let Rabbi Daria know your availability!

We only have 3 actual sessions/week, so on the registration form please include your child's maximal availability. Rabbi Daria will confirm your child's class session after the groupings have been determined): 

  • Tuesdays, 3:30-5 (2nd-3rd grade)
  • Wednesdays, 3:30-5 (4th-5th grade/ almost full!)
  • Thursdays, 1:30-3 (K-1st grade)

Where? Classes will be held outdoors, during the week, at 556 Harrison St., in Sebastopol, and averages 6-7 participants/session. SPACE IS LIMITED! REGISTER NOW and let Rabbi Daria know your prioritized, and maximal, availability!

Please note- as this program involves deep connecting to the natural world, please dress your child to be OUTDOORS REGARDLESS OF WEATHER.  Your child needs appropriate rain/sun gear, and layers at every session. Thank you!

Also, although Massei ZMANIM is an after-school program in which your child will be learning Hebrew, and it prepares your child for an engaged, real, meaningful relationship to Judaism and sets the stage for entering the life cycle of becoming bar/bat mitzvah, it is not "Hebrew School" in a traditional understanding of those terms. When referring to it with your child, please simply call it by its name, Massei ZMANIM, or call it the "ZMANIM after-school program with Rabbi Daria."

Check out our blog post on how to actually say Massei ZMANIM!

*All classes taught by Rabbi Daria Jacobs-Velde, Ed.M.  For more information about Rabbi Daria, click here

If you or someone you know might be interested, contact Rabbi Daria at

**Financial assistance is now available, thanks to the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation!  Please be in touch if you have questions.

What People Are Saying About Massei-ZMANIM:

From a parent:  "The other day I overheard my two children talking.  My younger son (who is in Massei-Zmanim) was asked by his older brother (who goes to a traditional Hebrew school) challenged the Massei-Zmanim curriculum:  "Aren’t you doing this or that in your grade?"  He answered, "We’re learning to speak Hebrew."  His older brother said, “You don’t need to learn to speak Hebrew.  You just need to learn what you need to practice for your bar mitzvah."  My younger son then replied,  "We’re learning how to speak and we’re learning why we do these things, not just that we do them.  I want to know how to speak Hebrew."

A comment from a child:  "At my other Hebrew school we were told what to believe about God.  At Massei ZMANIM we ask 'who God is' and 'what God is."

From another parent:  "We are very happy to have found Rabbi Daria. My daughter is really identifying in a beautiful way with Judaism."