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ZMANIM Purim Celebration

  • Laguna Outdoor Classroom (map)

Join us for a special program of costumes, the Purim story (megillah), songs, and sharing a meal together (mishteh) as we engage in the "4 'm-' mitzvot" of Purim: 

  1. megillah (Purim story)
  2. mish'teh (Purim meal together)
  3. matanot l'evyonim (monetary gifts for the poor- we'll be collecting money at our gathering to donate), and 
  4. mishloah manot (small food gift baskets of hamantaschen and other items that we'll be preparing on Sunday for people to take and share, so be sure to come then!).  (It's a reverse - of sorts - of Halloween).

Please RSVP to by Monday., March 21

Location:  Laguna Outdoor Classroom (between Sebastopol Community Center Annex and Wischemann Hall).

To bring:

  • clothing to be comfortable outdoors
  • costumes (ideally connected to the Purim story in some way!)
  • tzedakah/money to collect as a group and for us to donate (it's a tradition to give money to the poor on Purim)
  • veggie/dairy dish to share with others (it's a tradition to share a celebratory meal together on Purim!)
  • your own plate/utensils/cup/napkin


4-4:15 Welcome

4:15-4:30 Gifts for the poor/Matanot l'evyonim voting (drawing lots/purim!)

4:30-5:20 Enactment of Purim story (including a "re-writing" of the end, with your participation!) ("Megillah" of sorts...)

5:20-5:30 Purim Parade

5:30-6:30 Dinner/Mishteh!

We look forward to celebrating with you!