Melanie Corrigan

Zmanim Assistant 



With a deep connection to the mystical and earth-based traditions of her people, Melanie experiences life as a conversation between the elements and all creatures whether they be the smallest spider, the grand oaks standing sentinel or the beautiful humans she is blessed to share this time and space with on this planet.

She has a background in the study of Communications, Writing, Indigenous Tribal Knowledge, World Religions and is a mother, doula and birth educator.  In her role as a doula and educator, she advocates for women's health and autonomy in the birth setting and mentors parents during the deeply transformative time of the childbearing year.  She sees pregnancy, birth and early parenting as an important piece in the healing of humanity and is devoted to facilitating the creation of healthy families, communities, culture and the larger world.

During her free time outside of supporting Zmanim and local families, you will most likely find her out in the pasture with her horse, writing, playing with art or dancing with forest faeries.