Mazal Tov, Rabbi Daria!

24 Sivan

News! Rabbi Daria Awarded Membership in National Clergy Leadership Program

Rabbi Daria was among only 20 rabbis to recently receive the honor of being selected to participate in a unique, two-year clergy leadership program, CLI- or Clergy Leadership Incubator.  One of the qualifying characteristics for membership in the program is that the member be involved in the process of creating new models of spiritual community.  The program focuses on exploring and developing visionary leadership and innovative practice, with tools to develop and establish spiritual communities that can be compelling to 21st century Jews.

The selected participants are diverse in terms of gender and religious ideology across the denominational spectrum. Among the key elements of the program are monthly participation in a “Community of Practice” of rabbinic peers, and three retreats in different venues around the country. Also included in this program are a variety of opportunities for the rabbis to meet with nationally prominent practitioners in field of leadership, organizational change and synagogue transformation. The program is part of “Rabbi’s Without Borders.”

More information about CLI, the 2015-2017 cohort (and the past cohort) can be found here