Unconditional Friendship

6 Kislev 5777

Do you share a relationship of unconditional friendship with someone? I felt that from a good family friend, Martha Fielding, who recently passed away.  Want to know more? Fortunately, before her death a video was made of Martha in her amazing garden in Taos, NM, which was aptly named "Martha's Magic Garden." Her teachings in it are clear and powerful.

If you just have time for a short teaching from Martha at this time, below is a quote from an email exchange with another friend of hers that cuts to the essence:

"So this is change. Bitterness and regret are misplaced. What can allow us to become agents of change is to awaken. If we begin to make better choices, based on considerable reflection of what constitutes commons, and what sustainability really means, we gain a sense of delight and serenity, we feel connected to something that is beyond our selves and that offers us a way to comport our finite-infinite, miniscule-enormous human life to reflect and honor all that is, has been, and will be.

Thank you, Martha, for all that you have given to so many, and all that you continue to give.

May Martha and her memory inspire each of us to lead lives of connection to something beyond our selves, and lives of deep, unconditional friendship.  Amen.

pict of martha.jpg